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My name is Liz Landis and I am a digital artist and designer who specializes in graphic illustration, design, and 3D modeling. I work with a diverse range of clients on many different types of projects. Feel free to contact me with any design needs you may have at or just fill out the Design Inquiries form. You can also find out more about me by using the links below. 

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Client Testimonials

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Ms. Landis on our Fashion Showpiece Collection.
She is an extremely clued-up and talented artist who displays a great deal of professionalism, not only with her high quality artworks, but also through her excellent input to designs and extensive knowledge of the art of 3-D printing. Ms. Landis has made the production-front, usually the most stressful part, an enjoyable experience instead. It is fair to say that “problems were all solved or avoided thanks to Ms. Landis the Queen of 3D”. Over the years of working as an Artistic Director and Designer, I can say that Ms. Landis is one of the best 3-D Rendering Designers I have ever worked with. I highly recommend her to any design firm or individual that is looking for a top-class Designer with high-quality artworks.
— Diana Law, Creative Director, Diana Law Group
Liz is an awesome 3D artist whom I initially got in touch with because of her great portfolio. She understood my needs perfectly and dealt with each of my request professionally. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a 3D brief that needs tackling, her creative ability combined with her patience is why I would not hesitate to work with her again.
— Thai Hoang, Junior Graphic Designer at Markettiers4dc
(Ms.) Landis is one of the most talent 3D modelers I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She has a fine attention to detail and I was remarked at how self motivated she was while working on a project here at Enemy Spawn. Some contractors require lots direction. Liz seemed to be able to read my mind more often than not and take action without the issue ever becoming a concern of mine. I will be working again with her in the future.
— Alexander Barnes, Director at Enemy Spawn
Liz has been an absolute blessing to work with! I feel so lucky that I found her. First and foremost, working with her is a breeze. I’ve been able to pass along my designs and she’s able to duplicate and even improve them! Secondly, I been SO impressed with the designs she’s made for us (I think about 10 now?)…and even more blown away when I receive the final printed samples. I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking to make their designs into a 3D reality. She’s incredible at what she does! Really couldn’t talk more positively about her!
— Julianne De Armon, Designer/Owner at